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"For me, linen is synonymous with luxury, refinement and intimacy. It's the humility of beauty.”

Joëlle Serres, founder of Marie Lavande

Based in Paris, Marie Lavande is specialized in Conservation & Restoration of Textiles and Embroidery.

Our services are:

  • Cleaning and Ironing Table Linen

  • Maintenance and restoration of baptismal dress

  • Restoration of old linen, embroidery, lace

  • and more..

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Marie Lavande also offers private lessons of the art of the French table: ironing, cleaning, setting up (French / English / Arabic, minimum 3 people): table layout, choice of tablecloths and napkins, folds of the tablecloth, table top, service ... We will organise an internship for you in Paris where you will be taught “l’art de la table française” or the art of setting up a refine table to impress your guests back home. Hotel, food, transport and classes. Enquiry here.

French entrepreneur Joëlle Serre created the Marie Lavande workshop in 1988 in Paris France.

Bed Linen, tablecloths, bride dresses, flags, embroidery, lace of rare or high quality are her specialty. Her workers handle dry irons weighing 2 to 3 kilos with gestures of the past. Others restore meticulously embroidery and lace.

Nothing really destined this financial analyst to become a linger. Except perhaps precisely his taste for beautiful linen. Parallel to a career started in finance, she enrolled one day at the French School of Art Restoration, "for a change". A few years later, she decided to change career orientation and in 1988, she founded Marie Lavande, an old and premium linen maintenance and restoration company.

Visit our online boutique to get our Marie Lavande cleaning products and accessories.  Click here .

Visit our online boutique to get our Marie Lavande cleaning products and accessories. Click here.